Week 5 recap

This week was hectic. I worked 6 out of the 7 days… and 3 of those work days were 12-hour shifts. But I did my best.


I did my scheduled 2.5 mile run today and a 0.6 mile walk, which is essentially a 5k! My shirt was my pep talk to myself this morning as I dragged myself off the couch.#suckitup So I popped some L-carnitine and headed out. I ran pretty slow with all of the inclines and my left shin tightened up at 1.5, but the last mile felt pretty good…



Tuesday was Running Tee-shirt Tuesday!


Eight hours of orientation followed by a 4-hour drive. Wednesday was a rest day.


Due to traveling for work and getting off after dark, I had to do Thursday’s Fartlek on the hotel dreadmill… easy runs at 5mph and hard ones at 6mph. I didn’t finish the last 3 minutes because I started overheating and felt a little faint, but it’s done.



Another dreadmill run after a 12-hr ER shift. 2.5 miles scheduled. I felt much better than yesterday though. I think it’s because I hydrated better today and took some L-carnitine beforehand. One more shift before I can go back home.



A night run with @education_of_a_pearl… 3+ miles in 2-min run/walk intervals. Felt good. 4th run of the week. Way to wrap up week 5!


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