New goodies, the eclipse and 1.75 miles

Today marked the start of week 2. Kiddo was my running buddy today (…for part of it, anyway. He took off and did his first mile in 6-7 minutes before slowing down with me. Yea, way to shame the old lady, bud. I am happy for him though.)

For week 2, the training plan says to increase to 1.75 miles. My first 1/2 mile felt difficult and I was a little winded. Granted, I was running laps on a 400m track at that point. I’m thinking the boredom was more to blame than my endurance level. At that point, I took off on the trails for the rest of the run: me, kiddo and Sheila.


No, Sheila is not the running girlfriend I usually blog about. It’s the silly name I’ve given to this figure-8 ankle brace I’ve been rocking, since she’ll clearly be with me for a while. Between Sheila and the recent injection, I’m happy to log another run without numbness or pain. The first mile I paced at 12:39 min/mile. The last 3/4 of a mile was much slower, at a 14:26 min/mile pace.


We got back home in time to (indirectly) watch the eclipse. Kiddo made a makeshift eclipse viewer thanks to his Google searching. You can actually see the sun’s reflection with it!


Lastly, I’m enjoying my two newest goodies: my new Elite Massage roller stick for only $9.99 that arrived super fast with free one-day Prime delivery (I used the heck out of it yesterday so I could run without stiffness today), and my new JVC HAETX30A Extreme Fitness Headphones with pivot-motion fit (I don’t really know what that means, but they didn’t threaten to fall out of my ears like my old ones, and I didn’t hear the slapping noise).


MassageRollerJVC HAETX30A Extreme Fitness Headphones, Blue_ JVC_ Home Audio & Theater


Wrapping up week 1…

Yesterday was a wellness day. I had my annual physical (my numbers looked great), I met with the podiatrist, and had a 90-minute total body massage.

In the spirit of low-carb, I finished the day off with a bun-less turkey burger wrapped instead in collard green leaves. I know, I know… it sounds weird, but it actually tasted great (with the help of colby jack, pickled red onions, avocado and ketchup)! Instead of fries, I got roasted parmesan brussel sprouts. Yum!


So, back to the podiatry appointment… Despite the fact that I haven’t had pain lately, my toes have been going numb around the 1-mile mark. The podiatrist felt that, post-injury, it could be inflammation of my sinus tarsi — a tunnel through which nerves and ligaments run.

Photo from:

So, he gave me my first ever cortisone injection to decrease said inflammation. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling as he gave it, but I haven’t had any discomfort to the area since.

He also gave me this monster of a brace to try out, which I used on today’s run:


I must say, I don’t know if it was the shot or the brace, but I had no ankle tightness, no foot pain, and no numbness!

Today was supposed to be a 30-minute walk day, but because I didn’t hit 1.5 miles on Thursday, I decided to just keep a really slow pace and get the 1.5 miles. I ran with my running girlfriend and we ran a crazy figure-8 path today (as you can see).


All I have left today are my squats (up to 45 now!), push ups and sit-ups. Happy Saturday, folks!