Dr. Ty’s February Totals

WOW, February went fast! How did you do on your February fitness goals?

I kicked off my 5k walking program this month, and didn’t miss a scheduled walk!

I also got at least 3 strength workouts in each week.

Here’s what’s worked for me so far:

1. Putting it on my calendar: Each walk and workout was on my Google calendar AND my daily paper planner.

2. Make room: I tried to get creative and do walks during work meetings, or walk instead of waiting in the car for Kiddo to finish baseball stuff.

3. Sleep: I’m trying to be better about sleep hygiene –> not bringing work into the bedroom, keeping the lights dimmed after 9pm, using melatonin when needed, and using the night mode on devices after a certain time….

How did you guys do??

Quick 30-minute Lunchtime Workout

 Another quick lunchtime 30-min workout on the books!

– Core with the Fitter App

– Shoulders and biceps

– Ab/Adductors

– Stretching

My measuring tape came today so I got my baseline measurements down since sometimes the scale lies!

The workout was followed by lunch with chicken breast and veggies I made in my new air fryer, and my tea with lemon, ginger, turmeric and cayenne. I need all the muscle repair help I can get in this decade of life, lol.

And yes I’m back with the statement running 🏃‍♀️ tees!

I’m a Bondi Band Ambassador! (& I’m Trying Minimalist Running Shoes)

Happy to announce that I’m a Bondi Band Ambassador again, just in time for their Black History Month collection launch – Get 3 for $15 with code HISTORY! Check out these headband designs to wear when running and working out… 

Click this link and search “Black History” to find them all!

Which one do you like the most? I’m ordering the heart beat, red-yellow-green and the Strong History one with all the words. Post pics of you wearing your BondiBand when it comes, and tag me!

If you want other Bondi Band products other than the Black History bands, use my code to get 10% off: DRTYRUNS

In other news… I love walking barefoot. I feel best walking on the treadmill and even lifting weights in just my socks. When I broke my foot (and later some toes), I felt the best wrapped up and in flip flops. And I wear ballet flats year round even winter. Why? Feels the most comfortable for me.

So as I start training again, I decided to take the plunge and stop shoving my feet into thick-soled running shoes that I hate and try the closest I can manage to being barefoot.

I can’t wait to take these Merrell minimalist running shoes out on the road! It has a little sole but much less than my previous running shoes.

Have you ever tried minimalist shoes? How did you like them?