1-mile Labor Day fun run!

Yesterday, I did a 1-mile fun run with my mom and son and shaved 30 seconds off of my mile time! I was winded toward the end, but it didn’t feel too bad. I think with more training, I’ll be able to get that pace down some more. Kiddo finished in 7 minutes!


I definitely started out too fast (about 8:40 min/mile), and couldn’t maintain it. I need to work on my pacing big time. But I finished with 10:34 min/mile. I started my watch a bit before crossing the start line so I ran slightly more than a mile.


The only frustrating part of the day was that we couldn’t find the start line and walked about a mile around the park looking for it before the race even started! 😦

I was also beat from cooking and entertaining the day before at our pre-Labor Day BBQ, granted it was a bunch of fun!


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