Dr. Ty’s February Totals

WOW, February went fast! How did you do on your February fitness goals?

I kicked off my 5k walking program this month, and didn’t miss a scheduled walk!

I also got at least 3 strength workouts in each week.

Here’s what’s worked for me so far:

1. Putting it on my calendar: Each walk and workout was on my Google calendar AND my daily paper planner.

2. Make room: I tried to get creative and do walks during work meetings, or walk instead of waiting in the car for Kiddo to finish baseball stuff.

3. Sleep: I’m trying to be better about sleep hygiene –> not bringing work into the bedroom, keeping the lights dimmed after 9pm, using melatonin when needed, and using the night mode on devices after a certain time….

How did you guys do??

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