I’m Starting Back Tomorrow!

I’m starting a 5k walking program on Monday, so I scoped out places to do my long walks today… the track I wanted to use was locked and snowy 👀 so I’m glad I checked it out ahead of time. It was SO icy and slippery. 🤦🏾

The blue on the map is when I walked the slowest (trying not to bust my butt lol) and the red is the fastest. 

So — Why am I just not doing a 5k running program when I probably am in good enough shape to? I am purposely going slow to give myself more time to do strength work before my joints take the pounding of running.

My plan:

  • 8-week 5k walking plan
  • 8-week 5k running plan
  • 8-week 10k running plan
  • 12-week half marathon running plan

Earlier today I also did squats, calf raises, biceps and push-ups.

What physical activity did YOU do this weekend?

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