(Running) Tee-shirt Tuesday #3!

Happy Holidays! It’s been about three months since I did a Tee-shirt Tuesday post. In case you missed the previous two posts, you can find them here and here.

This month, we have a recap of 6 of my most recent (running) tees:


Want one of your own? Click on the links below.

Run Like You Stole SomethingSuck It Up Buttercup | I’m Already Planning What I’m Going to Eat After This | I Work Out In Black Like It’s a Funeral for My Fat | Train Like A Beast, Look Like a Beauty | I Won’t Quit, But I Might Cuss the Whole Time

If you buy one, please post a pic of yourself in it, and tag me: @doctorty on Twitter or @traveldoc726 on Instagram!

3 thoughts on “(Running) Tee-shirt Tuesday #3!

  1. Cool shirts. I do not have many “fun” ‘running/workout shirts because I get so many technical shirts from running races. Actually, I had so many of them that I had to donate quite a few to charity before I moved.


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