Wrapping week 3 with a run and squats

Today was optional, but I wanted to get a few more miles in: 2.26 miles done solo plus 1 mile of walking after the run. I was initially running at 11:40-12:10 pace, but the inclines did me in! I slowed down to about a 14 min/mile pace on the hills and it took me a while to recover after.


I also got those squats (110), sit-ups (110) and pushups (55) in today that I was supposed to do last night (I fell victim to a comfy couch… oops).

Well, I’m making progress. Just think… I couldn’t do a 1/2 mile without being winded just 4-5 weeks ago. Now, to tackle this 1-mile fun run on Monday. I’m hoping to break my mile time from a week ago. Fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on “Wrapping week 3 with a run and squats

  1. I know what you mean about hills! My time slows DRAMATICALLY on them. But, I’ve really been making myself incorporate them into 3 out of my 4 runs during the week and I am noticing progress. I dare say I’m even starting to kind of love hills. I think it’s just cause the progress is so visible!! Good luck with your mile run, I’m sure you’ll kill it! x


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