More running & $5 off a new RoadID

I ran 2.15 miles today. We were only scheduled for 2, but because we ran really slowly, we weren’t exhausted by the end and overran a bit. The weather was perfect: 61 degrees. A big shift after this past week in Florida!


Who knows what song this shirt is a play on?

In other news, my new RoadID came in the mail! I know that once I get up to my long runs (just in time for winter), there’s a good chance I will be running alone and/or in darkness, so I wanted to make sure I had something super bright with emergency numbers on it. I used to have the RoadID that goes on my shoe, but since I’m already having lacing issues, I didn’t want to add anything to the mix.


By the way — If you don’t have one yet, you can use my link and get $5 off!

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