Wrapping up week 1…

Yesterday was a wellness day. I had my annual physical (my numbers looked great), I met with the podiatrist, and had a 90-minute total body massage.

In the spirit of low-carb, I finished the day off with a bun-less turkey burger wrapped instead in collard green leaves. I know, I know… it sounds weird, but it actually tasted great (with the help of colby jack, pickled red onions, avocado and ketchup)! Instead of fries, I got roasted parmesan brussel sprouts. Yum!


So, back to the podiatry appointment… Despite the fact that I haven’t had pain lately, my toes have been going numb around the 1-mile mark. The podiatrist felt that, post-injury, it could be inflammation of my sinus tarsi — a tunnel through which nerves and ligaments run.

Photo from: https://walkwellstaywell.wordpress.com

So, he gave me my first ever cortisone injection to decrease said inflammation. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling as he gave it, but I haven’t had any discomfort to the area since.

He also gave me this monster of a brace to try out, which I used on today’s run:


I must say, I don’t know if it was the shot or the brace, but I had no ankle tightness, no foot pain, and no numbness!

Today was supposed to be a 30-minute walk day, but because I didn’t hit 1.5 miles on Thursday, I decided to just keep a really slow pace and get the 1.5 miles. I ran with my running girlfriend and we ran a crazy figure-8 path today (as you can see).


All I have left today are my squats (up to 45 now!), push ups and sit-ups. Happy Saturday, folks!

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