Another 1.5 miles in the bank!

Another good run today. This time in the new kicks. No pain, but i could feel that my “bad” ankle was getting a workout today. The girlfriend from Monday ran with me again today, which was nice. I could tell that this 1.5 miles was a lot easier on us than Monday’s run. Progress!


I also noticed that my max heart rate today was not as high as my very first 1.5 mile run-walk-run. More progress!

Today's heart rate
Today’s heart rate along the 1.5 mile run.
Initial run heart rate
My heart rate on the first 1.5 mile run-walk-run I did.

I treated myself to a matinee with a girlfriend after, but not before a strawberry protein shake and my usual hot water soak with my favorite two products (I swear by them… the only way I can walk after pushing myself like this) — CVS Muscle Relief and Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak.


What’s YOUR post-run routine?

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