New kicks & the squat challenge

I am excited for tomorrow’s run, mostly because I get to rock my new running shoes!


I have been running in my Nike Pegasus sneakers from pre-injury, with A-Line insoles (which were a Godsend when I had IT Band issues). However, given the pains I’ve been having lately, I suspected that my feet/ankles had changed since the injury with respect to supination and pronation, and maybe even size, and that I needed new kicks.

After an hour of measurements, and running outside and around the store in various brands with the owner of my local Fleet Feet, I now have new kicks: New Balance FreshFoam 1080v7, in a 1/2 size bigger and wider than the Nikes. I also threw in a pair of the currexSole insoles. Tomorrow, I get to take them for a spin!


Today was a rest day, so I did day 2 of this 30-day squat challenge that a few runners I know are doing. I added on 10 pushups and 25 sit-ups (to match the number of squats I did).


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