My first run

I ran today!

Yesterday, I found a novice 5K training plan that seemed manageable (Hal Higdon’s) and realistically plotted it out on my calendar based on my work/travel schedule… with the final week ending on the week of the Hot Chocolate 5K Chicago. So, it will be 11 weeks of training instead of 8.

This is the plan as Hal Higdon has it:


However, I didn’t feel I could run 1.5 miles straight, being so out of shape and given the weak ankle. So, I decided to start this training plan during the week of August 14th, and between now and then, run/walk 1.5 miles until I can run the whole thing.

So today, I ran 1/2 mile, walked 1/2 mile, then ran 1/2 mile. I had some tightness in my “good” ankle when I switched to walking, but it went away by the end of the night.


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